The literary masterpiece, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, was originally published in two volumes in 1605 and 1615. Now on the fourth centenary of the publication of the second volume, a new edition of both volumes is being issued in a beautiful bound set.

The new edition of Don Quixote has been ten years in the making and is the result of the efforts of institutions and individuals in the region of Castille-La Mancha, Spain.

Ten years ago, this publishing project was conceived and inspired by the leadership of a dynamic lady who loves literature, Isabel Fernandez Morales of Toledo, who assembled 126 renowned specialists in the Golden Age of Literature. Each of these 126 people worked on the project, writing a chapter by hand. Ornamentation was added to pages and each draftsmen noted the edition from which they copied the chapter.

Nobel Laureate José Saramago handwrote an introduction to this new edition of Don Quixote that has been translated into 67 languages. The original of this new edition, bound in four large volumes is kept by Isabel Fernández Morales in her home, Museo Casa de La Torre in El Toboso.

There will be a special, limited edition of 300 copies of the handwritten text, complete with artworks on the pages and an index referencing the contributors and their credits. Copies will be offered to contributors as well as Spanish, European and American libraries.

Anyone interested in the availability, pricing and ordering of one of these unique editions celebrating Cervantes great work should write to Casa de la Torre at info@casadelatorre.com or Aache Ediciones at aacheediciones@gmail.com

A unique work, presented in an impeccable manner, and made by teachers and prestigious people.
Luis Azpilicueta
Luis Azpilicueta
San Sebastian
What most impressed me are the illustrations of the chapters. They are amazing and give a special touch..
Sharon Thumbers
Sharon Thumbers
Wyncote, PA
I did not know some of the languages that appear in the work, but when I bought it and saw, I fell in love with the book. Thank you.
Xabier Albiol
Xabier Albiol

An unique work

The work that can not miss in your library. limited and numbered edition. Perfect for collectors.

This deluxe edition handmade by more than 200 clerks, is a limited edition that will not be much time for sale. If you want to have an edition of Don Quixote entirely handmade, and in more than 67 languages, this is the opportunity you was expecting.

  • Completely handmade.
  • Binding luxury.
  • Numbered edition (only 300 copies).
  • Limited Time..